About Us

A construction company driven by service excellence and customer satisfaction

Company Overview

TopRatedConstructionNyc is a New York-based real estate construction company specializing in residential development, commercial construction, and home improvement. We’re the leading providers of full-fledged construction NYC services in the city with more than a decade of proven experience in the development and construction of infrastructure projects.

Over the last decade, TopRatedConstructionNyc has been a monumental name in the NYC construction sector with successful projects across the city. Our landmark projects include residential apartments, commercial hubs, healthcare facilities, and schools and colleges.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision to be the preferred contractor NYC of choice and continue to deliver remarkable experiences to our consumers. We intend to be among the leading home builders New York and an organization that our employees are proud to be a part of.

Core Values

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Applying Knowledge

As a fully networked, intelligently connected organization, we apply knowledge by leveraging information and innovation. We adopt the latest industry developments and technologies to always stay ahead of the knowledge curve.

Involving People

We focus on driving success through the involvement of people within and outside the organization. Our non-hierarchical structure brings transparency to our approach as we’re able to drive innovation at all levels.

Making Things Happen

As a result-oriented contractor NYC, we’re all about making things happen and delivering results. We adopt an agile project management approach to speed up our operations and get things done on time.